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Bromham CofE Primary School

Junior Leaders

Junior Leaders

What we do?

We use our voices to support development at school. We do this by asking our class for any ideas or worries they have, or things they would like to change at school. We then meet as a team to talk about these ideas to make the school better, and make it more fun for everyone. We see if we can do anything ourselves first, then we decide if we need to speak to the teachers. After a Junior Leadership meeting we have some time with our class to feedback any decisions or ideas.

We think the Junior Leaders are very important because it is a way we can tell teachers what the children think about the school and how we think it can be even better.

Some of the things the Junior Leaders have done so far are:

  • organised a events to raise money for charity e.g. red nose day and children in need.
  • Go to the School Governor's meeting to discuss our ideas. Some of the ideas were having more musical instruments in assembly and more school trips.
  • Implemented a new behaviour slogan in collective worship, 'Ready, Respectful, Safe'.

Things we have done

The Junior Leadership Team have had their first meeting this term and agreed on our code of conduct and decided the areas we want to focus on this year. 

Junior Leadership Code of Conduct

Junior Leadership School Development Plan

September 2023 Meeting Minutes

October 2023 Meeting Minutes 

November 2023 Meeting Minutes 

December 2023 Meeting Minutes 

January 2024 Meeting Minutes 

February 2024 Meeting Minutes 

March 2024 Meeting Minutes   

April 2024 Meeting Minutes  

May 2024 Meeting Minutes  

June 2024 Meeting Minutes  

Junior Leaders at the Local Authority Pupil Voice Conference February 2024

Why we like being a Junior Leader!

We like being a Junior Leader because:

  • It's fun!
  • We get to make decisions.
  • We get to meet and share ideas.
  • We are part of making the school better.

Who are we?

The Junior Leadership Team is a group of students who are elected to represent the views of all pupils and to improve the school.

Year Children
Year 2

Mason Litchfield, Cameron Cane, Dexter Randall, Sadie Gilbert

Year 3

Thomas Larner, Theo Kinder, Hallie Hubbard-Jones

Year 4

Indie Umney, Lily Mortimer

Year 5

Joshua Case, Jack Perrin

Year 6

Harriet Smith, Karamm Dhaliwal