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Physical Education

Physical Education

How do we teach Physical Education? 

Intent - What we are trying to achieve?

In Physical Education at Bromham CofE Primary, our aim is for children to become physically literate or are developing foundations on their journey through school to becoming physically literate. "Physical literacy is the motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge, and understanding to value and take responsibility for engagement in physical activities for life". Therefore, our curriculum intent is to provide our children with these tools (motivation, confidence, understanding) to be able to engage in physical activity and be able to not just value physical activity to actually take ownership and lead physically active lives for life after Bromham Primary. 


Implementation – How do we translate our vision into practice and what will it look like in the classroom?

This will be implemented through covering the tools needed for Physical Literacy. The three ways we will cover all of these essential tools and build towards physical literacy will be through: well planned and structured PE lessons, a wide range of extra-curricular clubs on offer to children and the chance to compete in competitive fixtures.

In lessons, we will be teaching skills that the children will be using in different sports and activities. Once taught, the children will then get the autonomy to use these skills in games and more competitive situations and to take more ownership on when, where and how they use the skills that are taught to them. This will not only improve children’s skills but also their understanding and decision making in games. It is crucial that these are enjoyable experiences for all children regardless of whether they are ‘sporty’ or not. This is very important because if children do not find Physical Education and Physical Activity enjoyable, they will not have the motivation and will not take responsibility to lead an active life.


In addition to their Physical Education lessons, there will be a range of different sports clubs provided for all children. This is an inclusive opportunity for children to develop skills, understanding and confidence in various different sports. In these clubs, children will be learning and being physically active in a fun and enjoyable manner. Children attending these clubs are already starting to indulge in the aspects of physical literacy as they are wanting to be more physically active by coming along and these club opportunities are only going to push them further on that journey.


Finally, as children go through Bromham Primary there will be plenty of opportunities for competitive fixtures across a range of sports. This is really a chance for children to push their skills and understanding of games into a competitive situation and also a chance to be part of a school team/community. Throughout these three key domains - well-structured PE curriculum, extra-curricular clubs and competitive fixtures children should be well into their physical literacy journey by the time they leave Bromham Primary.


Impact – We will see learners who …

The successful implementation of those three key domains will lead to children who have learnt the particular skills and are competent in using them individually and in competitive situations. Children will also have developed the understanding, decision making and knowledge to be able to use these skills at the correct times during games. They will be able to work well in a team, showing skills such as encouragement, perseverance, determination, honesty and trusting one another. Furthermore, if we implement our vision correctly it will lead to every single child simply enjoying Physical Education lessons and enjoying being physically active, learning skills and working together with a smile on their face. Once children have all of these the end goal is for them to become Physically Literate and for them to want to take responsibility to be able to lead a physically active life outside and after life at Bromham Primary School.

Progression of Skills

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 Autumn Term PE overview

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Spring Term PE overview

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Summer Term PE overview

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