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Bromham CofE Primary School

School Dinner

School Dinners

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School meals

The food children eat in school is very important for their education. Not only does a well-balanced diet help with general health but establishing healthy eating habits at a young age can give them knowledge for the future.

School Meals are provided by Aspen at Bromham CofE Primary. Aspen are specialist caterers within schools. They’re passionate about fresh, healthy food that tastes great. The right nutrients can affect everyone’s mood, behaviour, health, growth and even their ability to concentrate. Encouraging a well-balanced diet establishes healthy eating now and for the future. Healthy eating is at the very heart of our approach to food.

Healthy, nutritious & yummy

Aspen are passionate about providing your children with award winning Food for Life freshly prepared school lunches that are true to their fresh food heritage. They track down the best fresh produce and ensure it reaches our school kitchen as quickly as possible. Their chefs use RSPCA Freedom Food free range eggs, Marine Stewardship Council approved sustainable fish and Red Tractor approved fresh meat. The British countryside and its farmers need our support and we are more than happy to give it! 

School dinner menu

To discover what's on the menu, simply click on the link below: