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Bromham CofE Primary School

St Owen's Church

St Owen's Church

Bromham CofE Primary School was originally St Owen's Lower School and Rice Trevor Lower School.

St Owen's school was built as a Primary School in 1851, on land donated by the Skinner family, and with money donated by the Rice Trevor family, with a close link to St Owen's Church. In common with many schools set up in the nineteenth century, the focus was on religious knowledge, and increasing Literacy and Numeracy amongst the poor. Records also show that children were taught the skills of gardening for boys, and sewing for girls, to prepare them for future employment.

Close links with St Owen's Church continue, and the school is a Church of England, Voluntary Controlled (VC) school. This means that the church is represented by Foundation Governors on the Governing Body (GB), and the incumbent (currently Reverend Catherine Wilson) also sits on the GB, although without voting rights. VC schools are directly funded by the local authority; the land on which the buildings sit nominally to the church, and the church has minority representation on the GB. The school also has good links with Bromham Baptist Church, and the Elders generously allow us to use the church for productions at Christmas and other major celebrations.

Children do not have to come from Christian families to attend Bromham CofE Primary School, but there is a strong Christian ethos within the school. The values at the heart of the school are Christian, but are also values held in common with other major world religions and central to good citizenship.

As a church school, Bromham Primary is subject to Ofsted and an additional inspection, known as SIAMS (Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools).