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Bromham CofE Primary School



Adam attended Bromham Lower School 2004-2008

He was a member of Bromham Youth Football Team through to the U9s. He then moved to Bedford Modern School and represented the school in rugby, football and rowing. Adam gained 10 GCSEs and 3 A-levels. 

Adam is currently studying Aerospace Engineering at Liverpool University and has just been accepted on to the Joint Masters Program.


I really enjoyed my time at Bromham. Being a village school I made lots of friends. The things I learned prepared me for my moved to Bedford Modern and the success I have since gained



Jack attended Bromham Lower School 2006-2012

In Year 4 he was joint winner of the Science trophy. He then moved to Bedford Modern School and won the science fayre in Year 7 and represented the school in rowing.

He gained 10 GCSEs and is currently waiting for his A-Level results with plans to go to Aberystwyth University to study Zoology.

I followed my brother to Bromham Lower School. We are quite different but I never felt that we were compared to each other. Being one of the youngest in the year, I sometimes struggled with things the older children could do but the teachers were always there to help me. My love of science was awarded in Year 4 which has led me to choose the path I hope to take at University